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Okta Workflows

Okta Workflow process

Automate at Scale

One of the Otka stand above the rest is through the user of Okta Workflows. 

Everything from customizing LCM: Provision new employees or temporary users in <5mins, transfer assets like Google Drive files upon offboarding, and so much more

Identity and Access Control

Automate access request, approval processed, and provisioning that is scalable and can work with almost every SaaS product. idNex always include error handling, checking, logging, and notifications for immediate remediation. 

Instant Security Triggers

Automate security event to trigger and notify the correct teams near instantly. 

Be notified over any Okta events, such as new Admins creates, password changes, service account modification, and be instantly notified via ticket creations, Slack, email, and more  

Automate Operational Tasks

Automate auditing tasks on schedule such a month/quarterly privileged access, have them directly emailed to the business unit and GRC, giving you and. accurate, and scalable solution. Need reports on dialy, weekly performance, users, application,  access control, we at idNext. Solutions can make that a reality.

If you’d like more information about our features, get in touch today.

Okta Workflow process

Benefits of Workflows

Streamline Compliance Efforts

Automate at scale

Okta Workflow process

LCM Customization

Integration with No Code Quickly

Reduction in errors

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