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idNex Solutions 

We are an Okta Consulting firm that listens to the customers needs and but also designs solutions with security first mindset by experienced Okta experts  

Book now for a FREE consult with idNex Solutions and see what we can solve for, find the gaps, and how to best implement. 

IdNex Services we offer

Our Services

Phishing Resistance

Implementation of Phishing Resistance strategies leveraging Okta technologies.

Zero Trust

Facilitation of Technology Adoption of Okta solutions within Client's organization.

Device Assurance

Device Assurance services to establish secure device management and access control.

Lifecycle Management Solutions

Learn how to implement LCM the joiner, mover, leaver process securly and with error handling and notifications

Identity Governance

Consulting to develop and implement governance policies and controls.

Privileged Access Management

Privileged Access Management to enforce least privilege access principles using Okta solutions.

Multi-Factor Authentication

 Implementation of Adaptive Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) for enhanced security.

Identity Threat Protection

Integration of Identity Threat Protection utilizing Okta AI for

proactive threat detection and response.

Universal Directory Configuration

Universal Directory configuration for centralized administration of users, groups, and devices.

Development of advanced, scalable, and best practice automation workflows using Okta Workflows. Leavegage web/event hooks to for and even more advance flows and security

Okta API Solutions

Learn to securly use Okta APIs leveraging, rotations, and best practices.

Access Gateway Integration

Manage and secure on premises and cloud applications from a unified Identity platform without modifying source code.

Explore more advanced Okta Consulting Services


"IdNex Solutions has been an invaluable partner in helping us optimize our Okta deployment. Their expertise and dedication have been essential to our success."

- Jason Strauss

CEO of ML Associates

What can idNex Solutions Solve for

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