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Our Services

At idNex Solutions, we specialize in advanced Okta Workflows designed for scalability and efficiency. Our workflows are tailored to your business needs, with clear naming conventions and thorough documentation for ease of understanding. Experience the power of workflows that seamlessly integrate with Okta, ensuring smooth operations and optimal performance for your organization


Phishing Resistance

Implementation of Phishing Resistance strategies leveraging Okta technologies.

Lifecycle Management Solutions

Comprehensive user identity management throughout their employment.

Multi-Factor Authentication

 Implementation of Adaptive Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) for enhanced security.

Development of advanced, scalable, and best practice automation workflows using Okta Workflows

Device Assurance

Device Assurance services to establish secure device management and access control.

Identity Governance

Consulting to develop and implement governance policies and controls.

Identity Threat Protection

Integration of Identity Threat Protection utilizing Okta AI for

proactive threat detection and response.

Privileged Access Management

Privileged Access Management to enforce least privilege access principles using Okta solutions.

Universal Directory 

 Learn to leverage UD as a centralized administration of users, groups, and devices.

Okta API Solutions

API Access Management to automate, integrate, and secure APIs leveraging Okta API solutions.

Explore more advanced Okta Consulting Services
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